Buying kitchen equipment for your healthcare facility can be a challenge. We spoke with TriMark’s Healthcare Specialist, Joleen Coles-Wilt, for insights that will help facility administrators in the procurement of foodservice equipment.

Key Factors

It is critical to perform research on the variety of equipment and smallware choices available to you. Consider the dishes you offer and only purchase equipment that support your menu production. Be careful not to focus your purchasing decisions on price alone. It is more important to have reliable tools and multi-functional equipment that save time and labor.

Important Kitchen Equipment Notes

Understand the life cycle of equipment you are purchasing, as well as warranties, to better budget for maintenance and future replacement.

Joleen recommends maintaining a log to track maintenance performed over the life of your equipment. Foodservice directors should work closely with the maintenance department to ensure everything is being recorded properly.

Essential Smallwares

Studies show that once a dish has been prepared, your team has just 45 minutes to transport it to a patient’s room while maintaining its proper temperature. Hot plates, insulated domes, and induction trayline systems allow your facility to uphold patient satisfaction with food served at optimal temperatures.

Internet research is valuable when selecting smallwares for your facility’s kitchen. Review our extensive selection of healthcare foodservice products for more information.

Utilize a trusted sales consultant as a resource for personalized product and equipment solutions.

Helpful Industry Resources

Keep your healthcare foodservice knowledge current with FE&S Magazine, Foodservice Director Magazine and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Also beneficial is to network with other directors of healthcare kitchen facilities to learn their methods.

Your hospital must adhere to the FDA food code found on the FDA website. This printed manual should be kept in every healthcare facility kitchen. Check with your state’s public health department to view your area’s specific regulations.

Healthcare Foodservice Trends

An increasing trend in the healthcare industry is to have a ‘room service model’ with ‘meals on demand’ which allows patients to order and receive their meals within 45 minutes. This enables patients the freedom to eat when they please. Nearly half of American facilities have adopted a ‘meals on demand’ service which is greatly improving Patient Satisfaction Surveys.

As many healthcare organizations strive to offer healthier menus, replacing deep fryers with steamers and convection ovens is becoming a popular trend. The newer equipment aids in energy efficiency and water conservation.

If you are purchasing equipment for your healthcare facility, TriMark offers personalized, solution-based consultations to ensure your kitchen is optimally equipped.