Every restaurant owner and manager desires to stand out with a captivating atmosphere, unique menu items and eye-catching food presentations. The china, flatware and glassware you choose should reinforce the theme of your establishment.

According to our seasoned TriMark R.W. Smith team member, April, a combination of creativity and practicality should be considered when designing a dining room. Incorporate a balance between unique products along with items that are easy to obtain while still maintaining a realistic budget.

Establish a blueprint for tabletop settings that synchronizes with your opening or remodeling plans.  You can order for yourself or work with a trusted Sales Consultant who will assist with price points, discuss initial costs, and long-term ordering goals. One of our tabletop experts, Alexa, in our Arizona territory recommends selecting items that can be assured a timely delivery. She makes it a priority to have product arrive on schedule.

Selecting the Right Tabletop Products

Time is a valuable commodity for restaurant owners and managers. Use the resources available to you from the beginning to help speed up the product selection process.

Fully understanding the vision and goals that you aim to achieve are critical. Consider the overall theme that you desire to create for your customers and purchase tabletop product with a design that heightens the room’s aesthetics. As well as boosting the visual appeal of your dining room, it’s important to choose dinnerware, flatware and glassware that are durable enough for your day-to-day operations to reduce your long-term costs.

Purchasing Complementary Products

To ensure products will enhance your customer’s experience, TriMark R.W. Smith specialist Claudia suggests having a cohesive understanding of the style and general theme you wish to express. It may take time to achieve the ultimate look and feel you want to convey to guests.

San Diego-based team member, Gilles, suggests requesting samples of product you are most interested in. Before purchasing, set example tabletop presentations to gauge which best fits with your dining room design. The front of house and back of house visions need to harmonize in order to establish a consistent and pleasing restaurant décor.

Achieving a Successful Installation

A well-designed dining room balances a unique experience for guests, smooth operational flow and a restaurant atmosphere that makes a statement.

Guidelines for a winning install experience:

  • Establish your vision and identify your target audience first.
  • Research online and check out publications for theme ideas and inspiration.
  • Select product that highlights the theme.
  • Make product quality and durability a priority.
  • Choose product that will deliver on time.
  • Stay within the initial budget.
  • Work with a Sales Consultant who understands your short-term and long-term goals.