commercial-high-speed-ovenIntroduced 15 years ago, high speed (or rapid cook) ovens are still at the top of the list for operators due to their versatility and quickness. Commonly used for finishing and reheating various food items, these units can cook 4 to 10 times faster than conventional ovens, contingent on technology and type. There are several benefits to purchasing and incorporating these ovens in a commercial kitchen. Here are some reasons why rapid cook ovens are catching the attention of chefs and foodservice professionals.

The More, the Merrier
Using two or more heating methods such as microwave, impingement, convection and radiant, reduces cook times.

Versatile Usage
Commonly used for finishing and reheating various food products but can also handle raw protein elements. It’s a quick way to cook more complex menu items.

Save Space
The popularity of rapid cook ovens is also driven by small footprints and ability to stack. Most models typically include ventless technology so the units don’t need much space or support.

Energy Efficient
The ovens have an ‘idle’ mode – it’s only ‘full on’ when required.

Operating Technology is Evolving
Includes USB ports for pre-programming, touch screen controls, Wi-Fi capabilities for uploading new recipes and more that can help reduce training and provide a simple way to add menu items often.

Visually Pleasing Designs
Available in many color, shape and size configurations, making them attractive to use in the guest’s field of vision rather than hidden in the kitchen.

If you’re thinking about adding a high speed cook oven in your commercial kitchen, it’s strongly recommended that you sign up for a maintenance program. The ovens use magnetrons like microwaves and will eventually need replacing. For high-volume operations, having at least two ovens will ensure there aren’t any interruptions if one breaks down.

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