The equipment used in a commercial kitchen is often thought of as reliable and able to handle high-volume use. However, kitchen production can come to a halt if a piece of equipment unexpectedly shuts down. To avoid malfunctions and to keep your operation running smoothly, proper equipment care and maintenance are essential.

Read on for five tips to incorporate into your routine for optimal functionality.

Drain Dishwashers Daily

Tidy up the Range

  • When meal service is complete, turn off and cool the range then remove the grates and submerge in warm, soapy water.
  • Brush away any large food particles and wipe down the surface. Maintaining clean grates will optimize cooking and keep particles from catching fire.

Keep Fryers Flawless

  • Fryers are kept in top working condition by cleaning out the baskets at the end of every day.
  • Schedule a boil out of the unit on a quarterly basis to remove stuck debris and build up.

Inspect Refrigerator Seals

  • Routinely check the closures on refrigerator doors for a proper seal to ensure the correct temperature is maintained. A consistent climate in a refrigeration unit lowers the risk of spoiling food or altering the flavors of ingredients.

Don’t Forget to Keep a Spare

  • Have spare parts on hand for quick replacement when needed to avoid your valuable equipment, like ovens, from becoming completely inoperable.

For more details on the proper care and maintenance of foodservice equipment, visit our guide or utilize this checklist from the Commercial Food Service Equipment Association. In addition, equipment manufacturers are an insightful and helpful resource for proper care and maintenance information.